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» A person who writes about his own life writes- an autobiography. » A 'pilgrim' is a person who undertakes a journey to a- Holy place. » 'Blue chips' are – Industrial shares considered to be a safe investment. » 'Blockbuster' means – A powerful explosive to demolish buildings. » The word `homogeneous` means – of the same kind. » Three score is – three times twenty.
» ‘Syntax’ means – Sentence building. » A speech full of too many words is – A verbose speech. » The word 'anthropology' is related to – The study of mankind. » Ability to read and write is – literacy. » A 'bull market' means that share prices are – rising. » One who is neither intelligent nor dull – Mediocre. » A book containing information on all subjects – Encyclopaedia. » A sound which cannot be heard – Inaudible. » A child who hits smaller or weaker children is called – a bully.
» A government by one man is – Autocracy. » ‘Flora’ means – all the plants of an area. » A person who writes dictionaries is a – lexicographer. » A person who is skilled in foreign languages – Linguist. » The first language means the natural language. » One who loves and serves mankind is – a philanthropist. » Person who eats human flesh and animals that eats its own kind is called – cannibal.
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